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Chris Johnson Astronomy Welcome



We are a non-profit group of amateur astronomers who share our passion for astronomy through public star parties. Our star parties are the fourth Friday (NOT necessarily the last Friday) of the month at the Nature Conservancy on Genoa Lane.




The star parties are FREE to everyone! Come out at take a look through our telescopes at what is in our night sky. 


The star parties begin at 7 pm or sunset, whichever is later. In winter, the sun sets early, so we begin at 7. In summer, the sun doesn't set until 9 pm, so it wouldn't do much good to be out there at 7. :)


Star parties are dependent on the weather. If the sky is cloudy, the star party will be cancelled. The underside of clouds are pretty boring through a telescope at night.


When you arrive at the Nature Conservancy, please follow these easy requests:


When you pull into the parking lot, please turn off your headlights. The white headlights are blinding to people who are looking through telescopes. Naturally, if you cannot see to park, please leave your lights on, but turn them off at your earliest convenience.


You are welcome to bring a flashlight, but please put a red lens on it, or use a red light. White flashlights, just like headlights, are blinding to people. 


Everybody is welcome, and we really enjoy showing children the skies, but parents please monitor your children. The telescopes sit on tripods, and children running in the dark can knock over our telescopes causing irreparable damage.


ASK QUESTIONS!!!! There is no such thing as a bad question! If you want to know something, ask us. We love to talk about astronomy!


We look forward to you joining us at the Nature Conservancy.


Here are our Star Parties for 2016:


January 29th

February 26th

March 25th

April 22nd

May 27th

June 24th

July 22nd

August 26th

September 23rd

October 28th

November 18th


Next Telescope Viewing: 

November 18th.

Small Green Light



Starting Time: 6:30


Weather: Clear to partly cloudy. 


Moon: Waning Gibbous


This month: Andromeda Galaxy, Pleiades, and others  



Moon Rise.jpg